12 Soal “Be going to + Will” Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap

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12 Soal “Be going to + Will” Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap


12 Soal "Be going to + Will" Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap
12 Soal “Be going to + Will” Dalam Bahasa Inggris Lengkap


Sobat IBI sudah tidak asing lagi bukan dengan be going to dan juga will dalam bahasa inggris? kedua bentuk tersebut sudah pernah kita bahas pada materi sebelumnya.

Nah, kali ini admin akan memberikan contoh soal kepada sahabat IBI mengenai be going to dan will tersebut. Langsung coba kerjakan berikut ini ya sobat IBI 🙂

Complete the sentences with be going to or will

1.A : why did you buy this flour?

B :I_________make some bread.

2.A : Could someone get me a glass of water?

B : certainly. I_______get you one. Would you like some ice in it?

3.I arranged to borrow some money because I_______buy a motorcycle tomorrow.

4.A : could someone please open the window?

B : I______do it.

5.A : can I borrow this book?

B : Sure, but I need it back soon.

A : I______return it to you tomorrow. Okay?

6.A : I______wear a dark suit to the wedding reception. How about you?

B : I’m not sure

7.A : what are your vacation plans?

B : I_____spend two weeks on a greek island.

8.A : gee, I’d really like an ice cream cone, But I didn’t bring any money with me.

B : That’s okay. I_______get one for you


9.A : Hi , Josh. I hear that you_____move into a new apartment.

B : That’s right. Sara and I found a great apartment on 45th street

A : I_____help you on moving  day if you like.

B :Hey, great! we’d really appreciate that.

10.A : So you________get married

B : That’s right. on september 22nd

A : my congratulations.

11.A : if you can wait just a few minutes, I______walk to the meeting with you.

B : okay. I_____meet you by the elevator. okay?

A : okay. I_______wait for you there.

12.A : excuse me, but……

B : I______be with you in a moment

A : thanks

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