99 Contoh Kalimat Present Continuous Tense Dalam Bentuk Kalimat Positif, Negatif, Dan Tanya

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99 Contoh Kalimat Present Continuous Tense Dalam Bentuk Kalimat Positif, Negatif, Dan Tanya


Sentences (Contoh kalimat)
She is sleeping on my bed.


My Father is reading the newspaper.


My mother is cooking instant noodle in my kitchen.


They are coming to your home.


Are you reading comic?


She is sending a novel for me.


They are sleeping on my bed.


Are you looking at her eyes?


My father is not watching television now.


He is coming to your school.


I am asking to you not him.


Are they walking on the grass?


The moderator is answering my questions.


He must be thinking about you.


The headmaster is announcing about the holiday.


Please wait for a while. I am attaching the file which will be sent to your email.


Mr. Halim is attending his father’s funeral.


My Mother boiling the water in the kitchen.


Meggie is avoiding you because she doesn’t like you.


My wife is taking a bath.


I can’t talk! I am brushing my teeth.


The police are arresting my grandfather’s murder.


My accountant is calculating the profit of my company.


My Mother is cleaning the house and cooking for dinner.


Siska is calling for the hospital to send an ambulance to your home.


I am challenging my brother to play chess with me.


My maid is closing all the doors in this building.


The customer is complaining about our service and that’s not good for us.


I am continuing to do my homework.


The doctor is checking your health so you need to be quiet.


I am carrying a lot of heavy boxes and why don’t you help me?


She is crossing the street to look for her cat.


The buyer candidate is comparing our product with others.


I am copying your paragraph.


The courier is delivering those two pizzas to Mandy’s home.


She is dancing with Erfan.


My Father is buying some books for me.


He is describing about hardware.


Is Israel destroying Palestine continuously?


Mr. President is declaring about the new rule in education area.


My team is decorating your wedding stage and it will be done tonight at 7.00 PM.


Are you crying?


The teacher is not describing about computer, she is describing about laptop.


Some television programs are educating our children.


Are they enjoying the class?


My parents are not explaining about how to solve this math’s problem.


You are not doing anything, so what you can do for me?


They are not forcing you; they just want to ask about your homework.


The woods are not floating on the water.


You have to know that I am not following you.


Is my Father fixing his car?


I am not looking at the girl, I am looking at her shirt.


Fina and I are not reading for his comic.


Are you helping my sister?


Dani is not dribbling the ball by his feet; he is using his head to do that.


They are not killing your pet; they are looking into his body.


The kids are not walking to your house.


The magician is not performing his newest trick; He probably saves it for the next section.


The students are not studying about history.


I am not going to the party.


Are you talking about him?


Are you painting for her?


My parents are not visiting my grandma. On the contrary, they are going to the beach.


They are not speaking Spanish; that’s English.


Why are you doing in my house? Go out!


What are they looking for?


What book are you talking to?


What part are you memorizing?


Why is she opening her mouth?


Why are they pointing their finger to me?


What are they preparing for?


Are they performing?


Are you finishing your homework?


Are they talking me or about their selves?


Why are those customers complaining to me? I am not the one who has responsibility for this problem.


Are they coming on time?


You are playing my favorit game.


What food are you serving on this table?


Are you asking for me?


Are the staffs working for this job?


Is she standing or sitting?


Why aren’t you booking a ticket for me?


What are you waiting for?


Why are you dreaming for that girl? She does not like you.


Are you watching my latest movie?


Why aren’t you attending his wedding?


What are you buying? A bike?


She is replying my message.


Are you going to her house with your sister?


Is he typing a message for his girlfriend?


Is your sister going to the market?


Is he booking two tickets for us at the locket?


Is that student cheating?


Is he sleeping on the bed?


Are you looking at that girl?


What are you eating for?


How’s your feeling?


What pencil are you using for?


Are you studying English?


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