Contoh Kalimat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berdasarkan Jenisnya

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Contoh – Contoh Kalimat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berdasarkan Jenis – Jenisnya



Jenis – jenis kalimat dalam bahasa inggris ada 3, yakni berdasarkan predikat, berdasarkan fungsi, dan berdasarkan bentuknya.

Kalimat dikelompokkan berdasarkan predikat, fungsi, dan bentuknya bertujuan agar dalam penggunaanya lebih mudah untuk diterapkan.

Jenis – jenis kalimat dalam bahasa inggris

Secara sederhana jenis kalimat terbagi 3, yaitu :

Berdasarkan predikat

Verbal sentence (Kalimat berisikan kata kerja)

Nominal sentence (Kalimat berisikan selain kata kerja)

Berdasarkan fungsi

Declarative (Pernyataan)

Exclamatory (Menyatakan Perasaan / Pujian)

Question (Pertanyaan)

Imperative (Perintah atau larangan)

Berdasarkan bentuknya

Simple Sentence (Sederhana)

Compound Sentence (Gabungan dua kalimat sederhana)

Complex Sentence (Gabungan dua klausa)

Compound – Complex Sentence (Gabungan kalimat compound dan complex)


Contoh – contoh kalimat berdasarkan jenis – jenisnya

  • Berdasarkan prediket

Verbal sentence

–       They get a reward from governor of west Sumatra.

–       He leaves this city today.

–       We found this material last night near the beach.

Nominal sentence

–       They are beautiful girls (menggunakan kata sifat).

–       This is mango (menggunakan kata benda).

–       We are football players (menggunakan kata sifat).

–       He is generous man (menggunakan kata sifat).

–       She is the winner of Asian games 2014 (menggunakan kata keterangan).

–       Andi was there last day (menggunakan kata keterangan waktu).


To be is, digunakan untuk subject he, she, it pada masa sekarang.

To be are, digunakan untuk subject you, they we, pada masa sekarang.

To be am, digunakan untuk subject I pada masa sekarang.

To be was, digunakan untuk subject I, he, she, it peristiwa pada masa lampau

To be were, digunakan untuk subject you, they, we sesuatu pada masa lampau.

  • Berdasarkan fungsi

Declarative (Pernyataan)

  • Tito was called by Toti at Junior High School 3 years ago.
  • Bambang has nice skill when playing football.

Exclamatory (Menyatakan Perasaan / Pujian)

  • What a beautiful beach
  • What a diligent student
  • How smart they are.

Question (Pertanyaan)

–       Are you can speak English ?

–       Are they a dub of football ?

–       What are you sick ?

Imperative (Perintah atau larangan)

–       Don’t feed the animal!

–       Don’t park here!

–       Please do homework now!

  • Berdasarkan bentuknya

Simple Sentence

  • I am doctor.
  • He buys a book.
  • She goes to the market.
  • Arifin prays at the mosque.
  • Reyhan makes a great blog.
  • He buys a book and some pens.
  • My father plays piano and drinking a cup of coffee.
  • Sienna likes reading a book and writing a something.
  • Dina and Dono are twins.
  • My sister and my little brother cook a fried chicken.
  • Lengka and Feri have a good planning.

Compound Sentence

  • He eats bread, but I eat white rice.
  • Rihma likes chocolate, but Arifin likes avocado juice.
  • Dina is a student, and Dani is a university student.
  • Naila went to the watching a movie last night and she didn’t understand about mathematic

Complex Sentence

  • After she graduates, she will be a business woman.
  • That zoo was closed, when you come here.
  • Jack goes to the market
  • Siska comes to Jack’s house.
  • Jack goes to the market, when Siska comes to his house.

Compound – Complex Sentence

  • When you have free time, you can call me, and we will discuss about something.
  • Who can help me, I will give a reward, but this challenge only for 10 persons.

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