Contoh Pidato Singkat Tentang Olahraga (Sport) Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Pidato Singkat Tentang Olahraga (Sport) Dalam Bahasa Inggris




Good morning to the Principal lecturers and my lovely friends. I would like to speech about sports and games at this occasion. I am very thankful to my class lecturer to give me such a great opportunity to speech here and believe in me. My lovely friends, both games and sports are very important for all of us because they keep us strong, healthy and fit. It is the area which can give us a change from the same daily life. Everyone likes sports because it is the useful means of entertainment as well as way to physical activity. Both are character building in nature and gives huge level body energy and strength.

The great audiences, if one has involved in the sports and games activity, he/she has good mental and physical growth and development. It let us learn many necessary things in the life. It helps us in developing our personality, confidence level and maintains physical and mental balance.

So, being interested in the sports and games activities make us learn about how to tackle with the difficult situations in the life and keeps body relax and mind free of tension. It develops the habit of working in team by developing the sense of friendliness among team members. It makes a person with the mental and physical toughness by shaping he body and mind and removing tiredness and lethargy. It improves blood circulation all through the body thus improves the physical and mental well-being of the person.

The happy ladies and gentlemen, sports and games are activities which makes a person more capable with high level efficiency. It removes the mental exhaustion and makes us capable to do any hard work. In the modern education system, the sports have been made an integral part of the education to make education interesting, tension free and enjoyable. Education is considered as incomplete without sports because education with sports activities draws more attention of the children towards study.

Furthermore sports activities are very necessary for all especially children and youths as it stimulates the physical and mental growth. It improves memory level, concentration level and learning capacity of the children. A small child can be a famous national or international level player if he or she practice sports from his/her childhood. Children should participate in all the sports competition held in their schools and colleges to remove their hesitation and go ahead. Sports and games have nice career in the future for the good sportsman. It gives us opportunity to grow in the life and earn money, name and fame. Now-a-days, sports facilities are being developed in almost all the schools and colleges in both rural and urban areas so the students having interest in the sports and games activities can get better path to go ahead.

I think it is enough, Thank you for the chance.


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