Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Ganjil SMA Kelas 12

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Ganjil SMA Kelas 12

Hallo ssobat IBI ^ ^ …. pada kesempatan kali ini IBI akan membahas tentang  contoh soal bahasa inggris semester ganjil SMA kelas 12, oke langsug ssja mari kita simak bersama.

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Ganjil SMA Kelas 12
Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Ganjil SMA Kelas 12

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Pilihan ganda

Text untuk soal no 1-3

Once upon a time, a rabbit wanted to cross a river but he could not swim. He had an idea. He saw a boss of crocodile swimming in the river. The rabbit asked the boss of crocodile, “How many crocodiles are there in the river’?” The boss of crocodile answered, “We are twenty here.” “Where are they?” the rabbit asked for the second time. “What is it for?” the boss of crocodile asked.

“All of you are good, nice, gentle and kind, so I want to make a line in order. Later I will know how kind you are,” said the rabbit. Then, the boss of the crocodile called all his friends and asked them to make a line in order from one side to the other side of the river. Just then, the rabbit started to count while jumping from one crocodile to another: one … two … three … four … until twenty, and finally, he thanked all crocodiles because he had crossed the river.

  1. The story mainly tells us about……..

A.twenty crocodiles
B.the boss of the crocodile
C.a rabbit and twenty crocodiles
D.a rabbit and the boss of crocodile
E.the boss of the crocodile and all his friends

2. We know from the first paragraph that the rabbit actually wanted   …….. cross the river swim across the river meet the boss of crocodile know where the crocodiles are know the number of crocodiles there

3. All of you are good, nice gentle, and kind ….(Paragraph 2) The underlined word is synonymous with ……..

E. Honorable

Text untuk soal no 4-7

A fox fell into a well and couldn’t get out. By and by a thirsty goat came along. Seeing the fox in the well it asked if the water was good. “Good,” said the fox, “It’s the best water I’ve tasted in all my life. Come down and try it yourself.”The goat was thirsty so he got into the well. When he had drunk enough, he looked around but there was no way to get out. Then the fox said, “I have a good idea. You stand on your hind legs and put your forelegs against the side of the well. Then I’ll climb on your back, from there. I’ll step on your horns, and I can get out. And when I’m out, I’ll help you out of the well.The goat did as he was asked and the fox got on his back and climbed out of the well. Then he coolly walked away. The goat called out loudly after him and reminded him of his promise to help him out. The fox merely turn to him and said, “if you only had thought carefully about getting out, you wouldn’t have jumped into the well.” The goat felt very sad. He called out loudly. An old man walking nearby heard him and put a plank into the well. The goat out and thanked the old man.

4.The text tells the story of ………..

a.a fox
b.a goat
c.a fox and a goat
d.the goat and an old man

5.What do we learn from the text?

a.The fox’s idea of how to get out of the well
b.How the fox helped the goat
c.How both the goat and the fox got out of the well
d.Why the fox got into the well

6.“The goat did as he was asked ………” (Paragraph 3) What does the above sentence mean?

a.The goat drank enough and looked around.
b.The goat came down to the well and drank.
c.The goat called out loudly after the fox got out.
d.The goat waited someone who might help him.

7.“Come down and try it yourself.” (Paragraph 1). The underlined word refers to ……..

a.a well
b.a  fox
c.  Life


Jawablah pertanyaan dibawah ini dengan benar

Attention, please!

There will be a study four trip to Borobudur temple for the student of grade X.

Please register yourself to Mr. Bob. You only need to pay Rp. 35.000. The trip will depart at 7 a.m. sharp.

Don’t be late or you will be left. Thank you.

  1. What kind of text is it?
  2.  Where will they go?
  3. For what class is the announcement intended?
  4. To whom can they contact?
  5. How much is the payment?
  6. What time they must gather.

Demikian materi pada kesempatan kali ini yaitu penjelasan tentang contoh soal bahasa inggris semester ganjil SMA kelas 12. Semoga apa yang sudah disampaikan dapat bermanfaat dan dapat dijadikan bahan belajar bahasa Inggris sobat IBI semua.

‘Semangat untuk menggapai cita-cita’

-Salam semangat IBI-

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