Contoh Soal Essay Grammar Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh Soal Essay Grammar Bahasa Inggris

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Belajar bahasa inggris tidak lepas dari yang  dinamakan grammar, pada kesempatan kali  ini IBI akan mmembagikan coontoh soal grammar essay. Lngsung saja mari kita siak bersama.

Contoh Soal Essay Grammar Bahasa Inggris
Contoh Soal Essay Grammar Bahasa Inggris

Cotoh soal bahasa Inggris tentang Grammar

A. Chose the correct word to complete the sentencce

1. Does _____ (her, she) know that _____ (me, I) was absent?
2. Please tell _____ ( he, him) _____ (I, me) have obtained a degree in Chemistry.
3. I remember that _____ (they, them) bought the fruits from _____ (we, us).
4. Please don’t tell ______ (she, her) about _____ (I, me).
5. _____ can swim because _____ has webbed feet.
6. I met Alice yesterday. _____ invited _____ to her house.
7. Jane has a cat; _____ likes to play with _____.
8. When the dog chased John, _____ ran as fast as _____ could.
9. My uncle works in a factory. _____ says _____ is a noisy place.
10. The teacher said to the class, “When _____ finished your work, please pass _____ up to me.”

B. Use the Correct Form of the Pronoun in Parentheses
1. The money was given to (he)…….and (I)…….
2. Their mother is taking (they)…….. to the market.
3. Everyone finished the test except (I)………
4. All of (they)………come late.
5. My sister and (I)…………are arriving on the early train.
6. (We) ……………children were spoiled by our parents.
7. Between (you) ……..and (I)……., she’s not very happy in her new home.
8. It was (I)…………who planned this meeting.
9. Who’s at the door? It’s (I)……..
10. They wanted only Robert and (you)….

Type the correct form of the reflexive pronoun for each sentence.

1. Look! There’s a little bird washing ________ in the river.
2. Welcome to the party, everyone! Just help ________ to sandwiches and snacks.
3. I’ll have to help Young Hee fill in her form, but Ja Young can do it ________, because her English is excellent.
4. Can I ask you a question, Sami? Did you go to classes to learn German, or did you teach ________?
5. At 12.30, Junko and I went to the cafeteria to buy ________ some lunch.
6. Jody and her husband own their own company, so they can give ________ a holiday any time they like.
7. John hurt ________ while he was fixing his car.
8. When I saw ________ in the mirror, I was horrified — there was red paint on my nose!

Deemikian Contoh Soal Essay Grammar Bahasa Inggris yyag sudah disampaikan IBI kali ini semoga dapat bermanfaat dan dapat dijadikan bahan belajar bahasa inggris.

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