Contoh Soal Latihan Sinonim (Synonym) Dan Antonim (Antonym) Beserta Kunci Jawaban

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Contoh Soal Latihan Sinonim (Synonym) Dan Antonim (Antonym) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Kunci Jawaban

synonym antonym

A. Exercise on synonym

1. He is a fast runner
a. Quick             c. Energetic
b. Slow               d. Calm
2. I am terrible at Mathematics
a. Good              c. Awful
b. Great              d. Fantastic
3. Have you looked at the Invoice?
a. Pen                 c. Sheet
b. Bill                 d. Paper
4. Do you think I am stupid?
a. Dumb            c. Brilliant
b. Intelligent    d. Fast
5. He never comes on time
a. Sees              c. Goes
b. Does             d. Arrives
6. This toy is inexpensive
a. Cheap            c. Expensive
b. Overpriced   d. Good
7. The music is loud
a. Soft                c. Pleasant
b. Blaring          d. Catchy
8. I require three big boxes
a. Need             c. Found
b. Threw          d. Got
9. He has a big house
a. Small           c. Large
b. Tiny             d. Great
10. My girlfriend is very pretty
a. Ugly            c. Beautiful
b. Strange      d. Stupid


B. Exercise on antonym

1. He is tall
a. Short          c. Huge
b. Big             d. Long
2. It is hot outside
a. Warm         c. Cold
b. Breezy        d. Stormy
3. This seems like a good hotel
a. Brilliant     c. Great
b. Bad             d. Dirty
4. She is foolish
a. Dumb       c. Idiotic
b. Brainy      d. Wise
5. That seems expensive
a. Overpriced  c. Wealthy
b. Great            d. Inexpensive
6. This house is magnificent
a. Unimpressive c. Big
b. Small               d. Gigantic
7. Why are you being so arrogant?
a. Snooty              c. Humble
b. Stupid              d. Cunning
8. What about this restaurant? It’s very popular
a. Infamous        c. Unpopular
b. Dirty                d. Crowded
9. Do you want to go the beautiful valley?
a. Ugly                c. Dirty
b. Filthy              d. Nice
10. I do not want to live in this filthy colony
a. Nice                 c. Clean
b. Dirty               d. Pretty


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Key Answer

Exercise on synonym
1. a. Quick
2. c. Awful
3. b. Bill
4. a. Dumb
5. d. Arrives
6. a. Cheap
7. b. Blaring
8. a. Need
9. c. Large
10. c. Beautiful

Exercise on antonym
1. a. Short
2. c. Cold
3. b. Bad
4. b. Brainy
5. d. Inexpensive
6. a. Unimpressive
7. c. Humble
8. c. Unpopular
9. a. Ugly
10. c. Clean


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