Contoh Soal Latihan Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP Lengkap Beserta Kunci Jawaban

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Contoh Soal Latihan Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP Lengkap Beserta Kunci Jawaban




1. The North Oblate River …from Wyoming into Nebraska.
a. It flowed
b. Flows
c. Flowing
d. With flowing water
Answer: b

2. …Biloxi received its name from a Sioux word meaning first people
a. The city of
b. Locate in
c. It is in
d. The tour included
Answer: a

3. A pride of lions …up to ferty lions, including one to three males, several females and cubs.
a. Can contain
b. It contains
c. Contain
d. Containing
Answer: a

4. …tea plants are small and white.
a. The
b. On the
c. Having flowers the
d. The flowers of the
Answer: d

5. The tetrachnes … antibiotics, are used to treat infections.
a. Are a family of
b. Being? a family
c. A family of
d. Their family
Answer: c

6. Any possible academic assistance from taking stimulants … marginal at best.
a. It is
b. That is
c. Is
d. As
Answer: c

7. Henry Adams born in Boston, …famous as a novelist
a. Became
b. And became
c. He was
d. And the became
Answer: a

8. …show the relations among neurons, they do not preclude the possibility that when aspecs are important.
a. Neural theories
b. A neural theories
c. Although neural theories
d. However neural theories
Answer: c

9. During free fall, …up to a full minute, a skydiver will fall at a constant speed
a. It is
b. Which is
c. Being
d. Is
Answer: a

10. …in the first draft of the budget will not necessarily be in final draft
a. although it appears
b. it appears
c. what appears
d. despite its appearance
Answer: c

11. Until …incorrect, astronomers had assumed that the insides of white award were uniform.
a. They
b. Recently proven
c. Their proof
d. The astronomers recently proven
Answer: b

12. When …nests during spring nesting season Canada geese are fiercely
a. Built
b. Building
c. Are building
d. Are built
Answer: b

13. Located behind …the two lacrimal glands
a. Each eyelid
b. Is each eyelid
c. Each eyelid are
d. Each eyelid which is
Answer: c

14….Hale Telescope, at the Palomar Observatory in southern California, scientists can photograph objects several billion light years away.
a. The
b. With the
c. They use the
d. It is the
Answer: b

15. Among bees …a highly elaborate form of communication
a. Occur
b. Occurs
c. Is occurs
d. They occurs
Answer: b

16. …heated by solar energy have special collectors on the roofs to trap sunlight
a. Homes
b. A home is
c. A home
d. Homes are
Answer: a

17. Vitamin C is necessary for the prevention and …of scurvy
a. It cures
b. Cure
c. Cures
d. For curing
Answer: b

18. Because bone loss accurse earlier in women than …, the effects of osteoporosis are more apparent in women.
a. As men
b. In men
c. Similar to men
d. Men do
Answer: b

19. The use of detail is …method of developing a controlling idea, and almost all students employ this method
a. That most common
b. Common
c. More common
d. Most common
Answer: b

20. The speed of lights is …the speed of sound.
a. Faster
b. Much faster than
c. One fastest
d. As fast
Answer: b

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