Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Mengenai Kata Kerja (VERB) Dan Kunci Jawaban

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Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Mengenai Kata Kerja (VERB) Dan Kunci Jawaban




  1. I have been ________ since the morning.

a. Play        c. Played

b. Plays      d. Playing


  1. Ravi has been ________ in Mumbai since he was five years old

a. Stayed    c.Staying

b. Stays       d. Stay


  1. Rani ___________ his work.

a. Have completed        c. Completing

b. Has completed          d. Have complete


  1. I have ___________ his name.

a. Forgot             c. Forget

b. Forgotten       d. Forgets


  1. My parents will be ________ for Canada tomorrow.

a. Leave    c. Leaving

b. Leaves  d. Left


  1. I will be _______ in the park tomorrow.

a. Sing        c. Sang

b. Sung      d. Singing


  1. We ________ not coming over.

a. Is      c. Are

b. Am   d. Be


  1. ___  he your teacher?

a. Are     c. Be

b. Is       d. Am


  1. That house _______ ours yet.

a. Am not c. Is not

b. Are not d. Being


  1. ____ these your new cars?

a. Is             c. Are

b. Am         d. Have


  1.  Charles has been ________ since the morning.

a. Sleep     c. Slept

b. Sleeps   d. Sleeping


  1. We ________ the best friends.

a. Are         c. Has

b. Is             d. Am


  1. Tia ___________ her task.

a. Have finished    c. Finishing

b. Has finished       d. Have finish


  1. I have ___________ this way.

a. Remember         c. Remembering

b. Remembered    d. Remembers


  1. My uncle will  ________ holiday to Europe next month.

a. Went     c. Going

b. Goes    d. Go


  1. I will be _______ at the competition tonight.

a. Competing                        c. Competed

b. Been compete                  d. Compete


  1. They ________ bread everyday.

a. Eating                   c. Eat

b. Ate                         d. Eaten


  1. The baby ___ milk every morning.

a. Drink                     c. Drinking

b. Drinks                   d. Drank


  1. That mosque _______ very beautiful.

a. Been                    c.  Am

b. Are                        d.  Is


  1. Today ____ the big day, isn’t it?

a. Is             c. Are

b. Am         d. Has

Key answer (Kunci jawaban)

1. C. Played
2. C. Staying
3. B. Has completed
4. A. Forgot
5. A. Leave
6. D. Singing
7. C. Are
8. B. Is
9. C. Is not
10. C. Are
11. D. Sleeping
12. A. Are
13. B. Has finished
14. B. Remembered
15. D. Go
16. A. Competing
17. C. Eat
18. B. Drinks
19. D. Is
20. A. Is


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