Contoh Soal Pronouns Dalam Bentuk Essay Lengkap

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Contoh- contoh Soal Pronouns Dalam Bentuk Essay Lengkap


A.Use correct personal pronouns. See the words in brackets.

Example: ___ often reads books. (Lisa)
Answer: She often reads books.

1) ___ is dreaming. (George)
2) ___ is green. (the blackboard)
3) ___ are on the wall. (the posters)
4) ___ is running. (the dog)
5) ___ are watching TV. (my mother and I)
6) ___ are in the garden. (the flowers)
7) ___ is riding his bike. (Tom)
8) ___ is from Bristol. (Victoria)
9) ___ has got a brother. (Diana)
10) ___Have got a computer, Mandy?

B.Change the underlined words into a correct object pronoun!

1) The teacher always gives the students homework.
2) I am reading the book to my little sister.
3) The boys are riding their bikes.
4) My father is writing a letter to John.
5) I don’t know the answer.
6) Sally is going to Anne.
7) Open the window, please.
8) Can you tell the people the way to the airport, please?
9) The books are for Peter.
10) Can you help my sister and me, please?

C.Fill the blanks with who, whom, which or whose !

1) I talked to the girl ….. car had broken down in front of the shop.
2) Mr Richards,….. is a taxi driver, lives on the corner.
3) John is calling the girl ….. I met last night.
4) This is the girl ….. comes from Spain.
5) That’s Peter, the boy ….. has just arrived at the airport.
6) Thank you very much for your e-mail ….. was very interesting.
7) The man, ….. father is a professor, forgot his umbrella.
8) The children, ….. Mr. John met in the street, are not from our school.
9) The car, ….. driver is a young man, is from Ireland.
10) What did you do with the money your mother ….. lent you?

D.Fill the blanks with the correct possessive adjective!

1.Joanie is (John and Nancy) ______ daughter.
2.Is this Jane’s dog? Yes it is ______ dog.
3.The dog is chasing ______ own tail.
4.Pedro and Isabel are Spanish. ______ family is from Spain.
5.Juan is not at school. ______ father took him to the doctor.
6.Beatriz is married. She showed us ______ ring today.
7.Jose and Maria are dancers. ______ older brother is a singer.
8.Pepe and I have an English class together. ______ teacher is Ms. Smith.
9.My family has a dog. ______ dog’s name is Lady.
10The teacher told me not to bring ______ cell phone to school.

E.Fill the blanks with the correct possessive adjective!

1.Jane has already eaten her lunch , but John saving ….. until later
2.Siska’s mobile needs to be fixed, but is working.
3.Her computer is a Mac, but….. is a PC.
4.We gave them telephone number, and they gave us ……
5.My pencil is broken. Can I borrow …..?
6.I have a dog. That dog is …..
7.She has a cat. That cat is …..
8.We have a car. That car is ….
9.They have a bike. That bike is …..
10.He has a key. That key is …..

Demikian contoh-contoh soal pronouns dalam bentuk essay. semoga bermanfaat bagi sahabat IBI (ilmu 🙂

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