Contoh Teks DISCUSSION Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berjudul “What Type of Pet Should You Get a Kid?”

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Contoh Teks DISCUSSION Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berjudul “What Type of Pet Should You Get a Kid?”


What Type of Pet Should You Get a Kid?

Getting pets for kids proves to be a perfect opportunity for parents everywhere to instill responsibility and nurturing in their kids. It is with the presence of an animal in the house where they can develop socialization skills, warmth and caring. Even with a pet around, they will learn how to value their own lives as they grow up, ensuring that they maintain proper health just as much as they would for their lovable critters. Of course, since your children are quite young, it is your duty as a parent to make sure that the kids are monitored and trained on how to handle the pets. Aside from this, it may also come to mind that there are a lot of choices to go for when it comes to getting children pets.

In fact, this may be something that proves challenging. Thankfully, below is a list of pets that you can get your child. Goldfish – Not requiring a whole lot of care or maintenance, it will help your child learn all about regular cleaning and feeding practices. Apart from that, these pets are rather affordable, and can prove valuable for your child who is still learning how to develop positive traits and characteristics. Hamsters – These are brilliant pets to have, especially since they’re pretty easy to maintain. You won’t even need to commit to them on a lifetime basis, since they don’t have a very long lifespan. With these pets, your child will learn how important it is to clean, exercise and look after someone or something. They’re pretty affordable as well, and wouldn’t require so much money on equipment and supplies. Rabbits – Seeing as they are lovably fluffy creatures, they make for an ideal choice as pets for your kids. Having household rabbit is pretty much akin to having a cat around in the premises, and this makes them a nice addition to your household. They prove to be excellent for kids who wish to have furry pets but are still too young to have dogs around. Dogs – These are the most popular pets for kids, although it would require a whole lot of effort on you and your child to look after them. Considered to be man’s best friends, these canines are extremely loyal and affectionate, making them fit for being extra additions to the household. They require regular walking and exercise.

These are just a couple of suggestions for pets that are ideal for kids.


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