Daftar Kata Seru Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Interjection) Beserta Fungsi Dan Contoh Kalimatnya

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Daftar Kata – Kata Seru Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Interjection) Beserta Fungsi – Fungsi Dan Contoh Kalimatnya


Interjection atau kata seru adalah kata – kata kecil atau satu kata yang tidak bersambung dalam tata bahasa inggris dengan kalimat di mana interjection atau kata seru tersebut digunakan.

Interjection atau kata seru umumnya digunakan untuk mengungkapkan emosi dari pembicara atau menyampaikan keragu – raguan serta protes. Dan interjection atau kata seru ini pasti diikuti dengan tanda seru ( ! ).

Karena banyak interjection atau kata seru terutama bentuk suara aktual yang dihasilkan oleh manusia, interjection atau kata seru hampir tidak digunakan dalam tulisan akademik atau ilmiah kecuali interjection atau kata seru adalah bagian dari kutipan langsung (direct quote) atau sebaliknya.


Daftar Kata seru (INTERJECTION) Beserta Fungsi Dan Contoh Kalimatnya

Interjection (kata seru) Function (fungsi) Example (contoh kalimat)
Ah Used to show the speaker’s admiration Ah! Now that’s what I call a good shot! Bravo!


Ahh Realization or acceptance Ahh, now I see what you mean.
Aah Exclamation of fear Aah! The monster’s got me!
Aww Something sweet or cute Aww! Just look at that kitten.
Bingo Acknowledge something as right Bingo! That’s exactly what we were looking for!
Bravo To show the speaker’s admiration or supporting Ah! Now that’s what I call a good shot! Bravo!
Eh Question something So that was all she said, eh?
Eww Something disgusting Eww! That movie was so gory.
Er Not knowing what to say I don’t think…er… wait… let me call my boss.
Hmm Thinking/Hesitating about something Hmm, I’m not sure this colour is the best for this room.
Hmph To indicate displeasure Hmph. I could do that for half the amount he charged.
Oh I see/ I think Oh, it’s been around a week since I saw her.
Oops Making a mistake Oops! Sorry I didn’t see those skates there.
Ouch Exclamation of pain Ouch, that hurt! Stop pinching me!
Shh An indication for silence Shh! The show is about to start.
Uh oh Showing dismay Uh oh! The teacher’s caught him.
Uh Indicates a pause/ need for more time Wait I know this… uh… is it Ruskin Bond?
Um Pausing or being skeptical Not that I don’t believe you but, um, you say it’s a ghost?
Whew Amazement and/or relief Whew! I can’t believe we actually finished it all.
Wow Expressing surprise or admiration Wow! That’s really great news!
Yay/Yaay Congratulatory exclamation I can’t believe you’re actually coming here! Yaay!
Yeah Variant of ‘yes’ Yeah, I’d love some orange juice.
Yikes For fear or concern (not serious) Yikes, my mother’s home!
Yippee Exclamation of celebration Yippee! We won, lets head to the bar.


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