Dialog Berbahasa Inggris Tentang Pekerjaan (Job)

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Dialog Berbahasa Inggris Tentang Pekerjaan (Job)



Looking for a job


Mira: Hi. Nice to meet you, Steve.

Steve: Same, Mira. It’s been a long time since the last time I saw you.

Mira: Yes, the last time we met each other was New Years Eve. How are you?

Steve: I’m fine. Definitely better if I got a new job.

Mira: You’re looking for a new job? Why?

Steve: I’ve completed my studies and graduated last week. Now, I want to get a job in the financial field. Payroll is not exactly accounting.

Mira: How long have you looking for a new job?

Steve: I’ve just started this week.

Mira: Did you have interviews with companies who come to our campus last month? I believe some companies come to recruit students for their Finance department.

Steve: I can only get one interview with the Company Fidelity because of the tight schedule of my work. A month has passed, and I have not heard from them. I guess I do not lucky.

Mira: Do not worry, Steve. You are always the best in the school. I know that your score will help you get a job soon. In addition, the labor market is quite good now, and all companies require analyst’s finance.

Steve: I wish so that.

Mira: You have to prepare a resume, right? Did you send your resume to many companies? How does the recruitment agency?

Steve: I have been sent to a dozen companies. No, I have not thought about the recruitment agency. But, I take a closer look at the employment ads in the paper every day.

Mira: Are there many vacancies?

Steve: Quite a lot. Some of them require a certain amount of experience and others willing to trainee.

Mira: My friends told me that it helps, that is to do some homework before you go to an interview. You need to know the kind of good company – what kind of business? What types of products are sold? What are they doing lately?

Steve: Yes, I know. I did some research about the company that I want to live to work. I want to be ready when they call me to interview.

Mira: Have you thought about those questions which they may provide to you during the interview?

Steve: What kind of questions do you think will they ask?

Mira: Well, they might give you a few questions about the theory of Finance to examine the academic understanding.

Steve: I can do that.

Mira: They might tell you about a problem and you want to give solution.

Steve: I do not know about that. I hope I will be able to give them a decent response if needed.

Mira: They will want to know about you a little bit before they make a hiring decision. Thus, they may ask you to describe about yourself. For example, what your strengths and weaknesses? How do you get along with people?

Steve: I need to learn the question. How would I describe myself? Huh!

Mira: Also, make sure to arrive on time. Nothing is worse than too late for the interview. You certainly do not want to give them a bad impression, in the first time.

Steve: I know. I always planned to come around 10 or 15 minutes before the interview began.

Mira: a good decision! You seem to prepare properly for the search of employment. I’m sure you’ll find a good job within simple.

Steve: I wish so that.

Mira: I have to go; if not, I’ll be late for school. Good luck in your job, Steve.

Steve: Thank you for your suggestion. See you later!

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