Pembagian Kategori Pronoun Atau Kata Ganti Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berdasarkan Penggunaannya

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Pembagian Kategori Pronoun Atau Kata Ganti Dalam Bahasa Inggris Berdasarkan Penggunaannya



Pronoun atau kata ganti adalah kata yang digunakan pada penempatan kata benda atau kata ganti lain. Beberapa kata ganti umum yang sering digunakan adalah seperti he, she, you, they, it, dan lain sebagainya.

Berikut ini adalah pembagian kategori – kategori dari kata ganti atau pronoun berdasarkan penggunaannya.

  1. Personal Pronouns

Kata ganti ini digunakan untuk orang atau objek yang sesifik. She, he, it, I, you, they dan we.

Contoh :

– Tanya told him to take the food to them as soon as possible as it was urgently needed.

– He went to the market.

– She is doing the laundry.

– It is important to them.

Macam – macam personal pronoun

Singular Pronouns (tunggal).

Contoh :

– That book belongs to me.

Plural Pronouns (jamak atau lebih dari satu).

Contoh :

– That is their book, not yours.


  1. Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns digunakan untuk menunjukkan atau mengidentifikasi satu atau lebih kata benda yang jauh ataupun dekat dengan jarak maupun waktu.

Ada 4 jenis kata ganti dalam kategori ini, yaitu : This, That, These dan Those.

This dan That kata ganti untuk benda tunggal sedangkan These and Those untuk benda yang jamak atau lebih dari satu.

Contoh :

– That is a beautiful house.

– These were made by me.

– Everyone remembers those days.

– This is what he is charging?

  1. Interrogative Pronouns

Who, Whom, Which dan What adalah Interrogative Pronouns yang digunakan untuk menanyakan orang atau objek yang kita belum tau.

Kombinasi dari kata ganti ini adalah ‘-ever’

Contoh :

Which one would you like?

What is your name?

Who will be managing the buffet?

Whom did you tell about this?

Whoever could have done this?

Whichever one will you choose?

  1. Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns digunakan untuk menghubungkan dua klausa yang berbeda dengan menggantikan kata benda dengan klausa sebelumnya. Kata ganti itu adalah Who, Whom, Whose, Which  dan That.

Contoh :

She will choose the colour which looks good on everyone.

She is complaining to whoever she comes across nowadays.

There is a car in the parking lot that someone has painted a bright pink.

She needs to know by tomorrow who will be accompanying her on the trip.

Is there anyone here whose mobile phone has a signal?


  1. Indefinite Pronouns

Kata ganti ini digunakan untuk benda atau objek yang tidak spesifik. Kata ganti nya yaitu, anyone, someone, none, everything, many, few dan lain sebagainya.

Contoh :

If anyone has seen my notebook please return it to me.

A few of the members were not satisfied with the service.

Nobody was answering when I called them last.

  1. Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns

Macam – macam Reflexive Pronouns adalah Myself, Themselves, Yourself,Ourselves, Herself, Himself dan Itself.

Contoh :

Rosa was going to take it to the shop but ended up fixing it herself one afternoon.

He prefers to be by himself after a game.

Apart from ordering in, they cooked a few snack themselves.

The horse hurt itself while trying to escape.

They themselves knew that the prank was in bad taste.

Avoid reporting things that you yourself haven’t witnessed.

  1. Reciprocal Pronoun

Hanya ada dua macam kata ganti ini, yaitu Each other dan One another. Kata ganti ini digunakan ketika dua atau lebih kata benda sama dengan yang lainnya.

Contoh :

Jamie and Jack always sit beside each other in break.

They haven’t seen one another since last year.

The trees seem to reach towards each other in a strong wind.

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