Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Genap SMA Kelas 10 Pilihan Ganda dan Essay

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Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Genap SMA Kelas 10 Pilihan Ganda dan Essay

Halo sobat IBI, padaa kesempatan kali ini ita akan membahas tentang soal bahasa inggris semester genap SMA kelas 10 pilihan ganda dan essay.  langsung saja kita simak.

Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Genap SMA Kelas 10 Pilihan Ganda dan Essay
Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Genap SMA Kelas 10 Pilihan Ganda dan Essay

Piihan Ganda

Text untuk soal no 1-5

JAMBI CITY, Jambi: A landslide hit a village in Kerinci regency, paralyzing traffic between Jambi and Sungai Penuh, the regency’s capital. People traveling from Sungai Penuh to Jambi and visa versa have to take the Trans-Sumatra highway bypassing Solok in the neighboring province of West Sumatra, which costs them twice as much as the regular fare.

A staff of the local transportation office in Sungai Penuh said on Wednesday that the landslide was caused by incessant rain on Monday, which caused dirt and rocks to cover and damage two sections of the road. Herman, a driver of a passenger bus plying the Jambi-Kerinci route, said that it took him 15 hours for the trip, five hours longer than usual, and passengers were charged Rp 125,000, instead of the regular fare of Rp 50,000.The traffic between Jambi and Sungai Penuh was expected to return to normal on Thursday after the Kerinci administration deployed necessary equipment to repair the damaged road.

  1. What hit a village in Kerinci regency?

a.  A landslide
b. An earthquake
c. A tidal wave
d. A mount eruption
e. A flood

2. what was the effect of thee natural disaster to people traveling  from Sungai Penuh to Jambi vice Versa?

a. The travelling cost double
b. The travelling cost to Jambi became cheaper
c. The travelling cost was still the same
d. The travelling cost becomes normal
e. There was no effect to the travelling

3. What was the cause of the disaster according to a staff of local transportation office in Sungai Penuh?

a. Tsunami
b. Rock
c. Dirt
d. Incessant rain
e. Traffic

4. How long did it take to travel along Jambi-Kerinci route?

a. Fifteen hours
b. Fifty  hours
c. Fifty five hours
d. Five hours
e. Ten hours

5. when was the traffic expected to return to normal?

a. on Tuesday
b. on Wednesday
c. on Thursday
d. on Saturday
e. on Monday

Text untuk soal no 6-10

Tornado Wreaks Havoc in Semarang

Residents assess the damage after a tornado damages 150 houses in the district of Tembalag in Semarang, Central Java late on Saturday afternoon.Three people were injured and at least five of the houses in the Sendangguwo and Tandang neighborhoods were destroyed, while many others were seriously damaged as the tornado ripped off their roofs. Thoirin aka Jayeng, 40, a resident whose house was leveled at the Sendang Asri housing complex, said the winds hit about 4 p.m. “I saw this black wind coming and becoming pointed into a funnel.

It suddenly approached and hit my house,” he said. Tohirin’s wife, two children and mother-in law were in the kitchen at the time when the tornado known locally as “Ulur-ulur” passed over their home, destroying the guest and bedrooms. “It was as if the wind had lifted my home up,” Thoirin said. The disaster also destroyed the walls of four neighboring houses. Many other homes in the area lost their roofs and residents and neighbors had started rebuilding on Sunday.

Tembalang district head Dayat said the tornado also damaged a small mosque and felled power lines and about 50 trees. His office was still collecting data on the damage, he said. Villagers said the tornado was the worst to hit the district in living memory. Semarang Mayor Sukawi Sutarip and his wife, Sinto Sukawi, visited the scene on Sunday, accompanied by senior officials.“We will provide the victims with assistance immediately,” the mayoral spokesman Achyani said.

6. When did the tornado hit the district of Tembalang in Semarang?

a. on Saturday morning
b. on Saturday afternoon
c.  on Saturday night
d.  on Sunday morning
e.  on Sunday afternoon

7.  How many houses were destroyed by the tornado in the Sendangguwo and Tandang neighborhoods?

a. less than five house
b. more than ten houses
c. five houses or more
d. exactly five house
e. three houses

8. The tornado hit the district?

a. at dawn
b. in the morning
c. in the afternoon
d. in the evening
e. at midnight

9. Which parts of Tohirin’s house were destroyed?

a. the kitchen and guestroom
b. the guest rooms and the bathroom
c. the bedrooms and the kitchen
d. the guest and bedrooms
e. the living room and the bedrooms

10. Who rebuilt the damaged homes?

a. the residents
b. the residents and neighbors
c. the Tembalang District head
d. the mayor of Semarang
e. the mayoral spokesman

Soal Essay

Jawabah pertanyaan dibawah ini dengan benar!

  1. was(1)–lived(2)–Aesop(3)–hundreds(4)–ago(5)–teller(6)–story(7)–who(8)–Greece(9)–of years(10)–a famous(11)–in(12) ururtaan yang benaar adalah…

Text percakapan untuk menjawaab soal no 2-5

George    :     You look a bit worried Clara. What’s the matter?
Clara    :     I can’t wake up early in the mornings.
George    :     Oh dear! That is a problem. But don’t you have an alarm clock?
Clara    :     Yes, of course. But I never seem to hear that.
George        :     Well, why don’t you buy an electric one? They will go on ringing until you switch them off.
Clara       :     Mmm, I doubt if that would do any good. I’d just switch it off and go back to sleep.
George        :     Well, perhaps you could ask the telephone operator to give you an early morn¬ing call, it’s not that expensive.
Clara    :     Yes, that sounds a good idea. Thanks a lot.
George    :     Not at all. I hope it works.

2. Who are in the dialogue above?
3. What are they talking about?
4. What problem does Clara have?
5.  What is George’s suggestion giving to Clara?

Demikian materi pada kesempatan kali ini yaitu penjelasan tentang soal bahasa inggris semester genap SMA kelas 10 pilihan ganda dan essay. Semoga apa yang sudah disampaikan dapat bermanfaat dan dapat dijadikan bahan belajar bahasa Inggris sobat IBI semua.


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