Soal Toefl Sentence Completion Dan Error Identification Tentang Structure Serta Written Expression

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Contoh Soal Toefl Sentence Completion Dan Error Identification Tentang Structure Dan Written Expression


Ada dua pendekatan yang mungkin terjadi dalam penyelesaian soal berikut, yaitu pendekatan analitik dan pendekatan intuitif. Seorang  test-taker yang menggunakan pendekatan analitik dapat secara cepat menganalisa tata bahasa kalimat untuk melihat kata-kata apa yang hilang (dalam item sentence  completion) atau yang kata-kata yang tidak benar (dalam item error identification).

Bagi sahabat IBI (ilmubahasa yangbelum mengetahui tentang sentence completion dan Error Identification, berikut penjelasan singkatnya.

Sentence completion atau kalimat penyelesaian terdiri dari kalimat tidak lengkap. Beberapa bagian dari kalimat tersebut telah digantikan oleh titik-titik. Di bawah kalimat, empat kata atau frase yang tercantum. Salah satunya melengkapi kalimat gramatikal dan logis.

sedangkan error identification atau error identifikasi yaitu, terdiri dari kalimat di mana berisikan empat ekspresi, kata tunggal atau dua atau tiga kata frasa yang bergarisbawah. tugas test-taker adalah untuk mengidentifikasi frasa yang tepat. semua kesalahan melibatkan tata bahasa atau tanda baca dan ejaan.

Referensi Materi Lainnya dari IBI yang wajib kita ketahui :

Berikut contoh-contoh soal toefl Sentence Completion dan Error Identification Tentang structure dan written expression

“Sentence Completion”

1. “What did you study at the college?” “I … Foreign language”.

a. studied

b. have studied

c. study

d. is studying

2. Nobody knows why … postponed until next week.

a. the meeting

b. was the meeting

c. did the meeting

d. the meeting was

3. … he would have been able to pass the exam.

a. If he studied hard

b. If he studies more

c. If he had studied more

4. Were he studying hard

4. Duke Ellington wrote … during his career.

a. That over a thousand songs

b. Over a thousand songs

c. Over a thousand songs were

d. There were over a thousand songs

5. … the dollar as its monetary unit in 1878.

a. Canada adopted

b. Adopted by Canada

c. It was adopted by Canada

d. The Canadian adoption of

6. He entered a university …

a. when she had sixteen years

b. when sixteen years were his age

c. at the age of sixteen

d. at age sixteen years old

7. When henry arrived home after a hard day at work, …

a. his wife was sleeping

b. his wife slept

c. his wife has slept

d. his wife has been sleeping

8. In some cases, … to decide if an organism is a plant or an animal.

a. difficult if

b. it is difficult

c. the difficulty

d. is difficult

9. We … in Bandar lampung since 2010

a. Are lived

b. Lived

c. Are living

d. Have lived

10. When I am not at home, they will meet my mother. We can also say that when I am not at home … by them.

a. My mother will be met

b. My mother will be meeting

c. My mother met

d. My mother is met


“Error Identification”

  1. Thefirst bicycle race on record in the United States taken place in

A                                     B                                                     C              D


  1. Modern motorcycles are lighter, faster, and specialized than motorcycles of twenty-five years ago.

A                                          B                                         C                          D

  1. Jane said she would have borrowme her new movie camera if I had wanted to use it on my trip to Europe

A                                                                       B                            C                      D

  1. The girl whom my cousin married was used to be a chorus girl or the rocketeers in Radio City Music Hall

A                                                      B                                                  C                     D

  1. When Clift was sick with the flu, his mother made him to eat chicken soup and rest in bed

A                                                              B                   C                                   D

  1. She has less pets at her home now than she had last month

A               B                            C              D

  1. If I had a new car, I will invited my friends to go anywhere

A                               B      C                                       D

  1. I come to wedding party my cousin in 2012

A                        B                 C              D

  1. Many system computers are damage by viruses

A                                           B       C                D

10. William is one of the most clever boys of the biology class

A                   B                             C     D


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