27 Kata Kerja (Verb) Yang Biasa Digunakan Dalam Kehidupan Sehari-Hari Beserta Contoh Kalimatnya

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27 Kata Kerja (Verb) Yang Biasa Digunakan Dalam Kehidupan Sehari-Hari Lengkap Beserta Contoh Kalimatnya



Pada kesempatan yang indah ini admin akan share kepada sahabat setia IBI (ilmubahasainggris.com) semua mengenai 27 contoh kata kerja (VERB) dalam bahasa Inggris yang sering digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari lengkap beserta contoh kalimat – kalimat yang sering digunakan dalam percakapan bahasa inggris.

Let’s check out friends

  1. Has/Have

I have a pencil in my bag.

She has two books about cake.

  1. Do

What can I do for you?

My Father does an amazing plan.

  1. Say

My father says that I must be better.

My teacher says that you must put your pen down

  1. Get

I get the book that I want in the library.

He always gets up at five every day.

  1. Make

Can you make me happy?

My mother makes this cake for you.

  1. Go

Andi and I will go to Makasar next week.

My sister goes to the market.

  1. Know

I know you are the best student in this class.

I didn’t know when she came to my house.

  1. Take

I must take the English class in this afternoon.

I had taken the book on the table.

  1. See

I can see you from here.

Dina, I saw you at Cempaka Mall yesterday.

  1. Come

Will you come to my party in this night?.

My father comes from Semarang last week.

  1. Think

Fandi thinks it’s nice to go home earlier and have dinner with her mom.

Dina thought she couldn’t finish her papers on time, but she can!

  1. Look

Look at the clock now! It’s time to go home.

I am looking for the book which she brings.

  1. Want

I want to say good bye for my friends.

She want gift from me.

  1. Give

I gave him a gift.

I have to give this book to Frenda.

  1. Use

I use the pen to fill out the form.

She uses her first salary for dinner.

  1. Find

I have found the book that you are looking for. I had found the place that you told to me last week.

  1. Tell

Can you tell me about yourself?

My mother usually tells me a story before I sleep.

  1. Ask

I ask to you, not him.

I ask my sister to bring an apple for me.

  1. Work

You have to work hard to achieve goals.

My father works as a doctor.

  1. Feel

I feel confident when I with him.

I feel sorry for what happened to you last night.

  1. Try

I should try it before I graduate.

Try this food and you will ask more and more.

  1. Leave

She cries when you leave her alone.

I don’t leave my book in house.

  1. Call

You can call me Andrian.

Call me whenever you need!

  1. Put

Put this box on the table.

You should put your school as your priority since you are still a student.

  1. Cut

Don’t cut the grass if you cannot do it.

This paper cut according to the pattern.

  1. Borrow

May I borrow you book for two days.

Are you borrowing my pen?

  1. Cook

My mother is cooking in the kitchen.

She is cooking for dinner.


Demikian materi sederhana kali ini mengenai 27 kata kerja (VERB) yang biasa digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari lengkap beserta contoh kalimatnya, semoga bermanfaat dan bisa membantu seluruh sahabat IBI (ilmubahasainggris.com) dalam proses belajar bahasa inggris.


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