77 Contoh Ungkapan Umum Tentang Metaphor Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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77 Contoh Ungkapan Umum Tentang Metaphor Dalam Bahasa Inggris



  1. At five o’clock, the interstate was a parking lot.
  2. Love is a fragile flower opening to the warmth of Spring
  3. Information travels faster in this modern age as our days start crawling away.
  4. Life has a tendency to come back and bite you in the ass.
  5. A riverboat shall A heart of stone
  6. He has the heart of a lion
  7. You are the sun in my sky
  8. You are the light in my life
  9. She is my East and my West, my compass.
  10. You had better pull your socks up
  11. Life is a mere dream, a fleeting shadow on a cloudy day.
  12. Love is a lemon – either bitter of sweet
  13. She is a peacock.
  14. He is a shining star.
  15. Time is money.
  16. My teacher is a dragon.
  17. Tom’s eyes were ice.
  18. The detective’s face was wood as he listened to her story.
  19. She feels that life is a fashion show.
  20. The world is a stage.
  21. My kid’s room is a disaster area.
  22. The children were flowers grown in concrete gardens.
  23. Books are keys to your imagination.
  24. The lightning was fireworks in the sky.
  25. Gary is a mule.
  26. That lawn is a green carpet.
  27. Donations for the popular charity were a tsunami.
  28. Necessity is the mother of invention.
  29. Drowning in the sea
  30. A light in a sea of darkness.
  31. The peaceful lake was a mirror.
  32. The ballerina was a swan, gliding across the stage.
  33. Her angry words were bullets to
  34. Jumping for joy
  35. Kicked the bucket
  36. The sea is a hungry dog.
  37. She is a dog when she eats
  38. He has a voice of a wolf.
  39. Crocodiles’ teeth are white daggers.
  40. Apple of my heart
  41. A roundabout is a turtle shell.
  42. His words were cotton candy.
  43. Mary’s eyes were fireflies.
  44. The cast on his broken leg was a plaster shackle.
  45. Jane’s ambitions are a house of cards.
  46. Her long hair was a flowing golden river.
  47. Fire is day, when it goes out it’s night
  48. School is a gateway to adulthood
  49. His belt was a snake curling around his waist
  50. His hair is a white snowflake and his hair is a messy haystack
  51. I am so excited. My pulse is a race car.
  52. The moon is a white balloon.
  53. Toddlers are rug rats.
  54. The stormy ocean was a raging bull.
  55. Her tears were a river flowing down her cheeks.
  56. The hospital was a refrigerator.
  57. My dad is a road hog.
  58. That coach is an ogre.
  59. Ben’s temper was a volcano, ready to explode.
  60. The kids were monkeys on the jungle gym.
  61. The stars are sparkling diamonds.
  62. Those two best friends are two peas in a pod.
  63. He is a walking dictionary.
  64. Apple of my eye
  65. It is raining cats and dogs
  66. The noise is music to my ears
  67. The classroom was a zoo.
  68. Life is a roller coaster.
  69. The alligator’s teeth are white daggers.
  70. Their home was a prison.
  71. The slide on the playground was a hot stove.
  72. His heart is a cold iron.
  73. Kisses are the flowers of affection.
  74. Her teddy bear was her best friend, never telling her secrets.
  75. Sue’s room is a zoo with fish, a gerbil and a parakeet.
  76. The park was a lake after the rain.
  77. The car was a furnace in the sun.


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