Contoh Percakapan Dalam Bahasa Inggris Menggunakan Berbagai Macam Ekspresi


Percakapan dalam bahasa Inggris

1. Percakapan ketika memperkenalkan seseorang ke orang lain (expressing introduction)

Alex introduces his assistant to William.
Alex        : Hi! My name is Alex Litterman, the new manager.
William : Hi! I’m William O’Brian. Nice to meet you, Mr. Alex Litterman.
Alex        : Nice to meet you too Mr. William, by the way please meet Mr. Steve Lynch, he’s my assistant.
William : Hi Mr. Steve, How do you do?
Steve      : Hi Mr. William, How do you do?

Contoh lain

Wira         : Hi Mei, it’s nice to meet you again. How are you getting on?
Mei           : I’m pretty well, what about you?
Wira         : Not so bad, I am catching flu. By the way, where are you going?
Mei           : I’m going to market. Anyway I’m going to introduce you to my cousin Dana. This is Dana and Dana,this is my friend. Her name is Mei.
Dana        : Hello, nice to meet you Wira.
Wira         : Nice to meet you too. Are you still a student Dana?
Dana        : Yes, in DCC. What about you?
Wira         : I’m a student of Foreign Language School of Red University.
What departmentdo you take?
Dana        : English. And you?
Wira         : Same as you. Oh I’m sorry I’m in a hurry. It’s nice to know you.
Dana and Mei : Ok, see you later.
Wira        : See you.

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Contoh ekspresi yang biasa digunakan

  • I would like to introduce you to …
  • Let me introduce you to …
  • Lina, this is Barbara. Barbara this is Lina
  • This is my sister her name is …
  • Allow me to introduce Mike to …
  • I’d like you to meet …
  • Do you know Jack? He is …
  • Dina look, here’s Peter

2. Percakapan menyatakan waktu (expressing time)

Mr. White : Hello?
Mrs. Brown : Hi, Mr. White. This is Mrs. Brown. I’m calling from Australia.
Mr. White : What are you doing in Australia?
Mrs. Brown : I’m attending a conference in Sydney this week. Remember?
Mr. White : Oh, right. What time is it there?
Mrs. Brown : It’s 10:00 P.M. And it’s four o’clock in Los Angeles, right?
Mr. White : Yes, four o’clock in the morning.
Mrs. Brown : 04:00 A.M.? I’m really sorry.
Mr. White : That’s OK. I’m awake now.

3. Percakapan ketika sedang menawarkan sesuatu (expressing offering something)

Waiter : What would you like to eat, Sir?
Homer : Well, I’d like salad, please.
Waiter : What kind of dressing do you like? We have French, Italian, and blue cheese.
Homer : Blue cheese, please.
Waiter : Salad with Blue cheese, Is there anything else?
Homer : Yes, I’ll have some garlic bread and a glass of mango juice.
Waiter : How about you madam, what do you want to order?
Marge : Pizza – large, with ice tea, please.
Waiter : Wait for a moment please. The food will be ready not more than fifteen minutes.
Homer : Sure.

Contoh ekspresi lain yang biasa digunakan

  • What can I get for you?
  • Would you like to go disco?
  • Won’t you have a pancake?
  • Would you like to come along?
  • Could I offer you a glass of lemonade?
  • Cheese sandwich?
  • Would you mind joining us?
  • Shall I get you a bottle of water?
  • Like one?
  • Have some?
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4. Percakapan tentang expressing symphaty (ungkapan simpati)

Jane : Hi, Cruz. What’s up? You look so sad.
Cruz : Yeah, I lost my wallet. I don’t know
It’s stolen or dropped somewhere.
Jane : Really? I’m sorry to hear that.
Cruz : Thanks.
Jane : Maybe you forgot where you put it in, right?
Cruz : I think so Jane.
Jane : Have you looked for your wallet?
Cruz : No. I haven’t. I’ll try to find it.
Jane : That’s nice. I hope it will be found soon.
Cruz : Thanks a lot Jane.

Contoh ekspresi lain yang biasa digunakan

  • You have my deepest sympathy
  • What a terrible situation for you
  • I do sympathize ( I assure you)
  • I’m extremely sorry to hear that
  • Oh what a shame
  • Oh that’s awful
  • Oh dear, sorry to hear that
  • Let me offer my condolences
  • Poor you
  • That’s pity
  • How poor you are
  • How pity you are

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