Lesson Plan Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Tentang Reading

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Lesson Plan Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Tentang Reading

Hallo sobat IBI^ ^

pada kesempatan ini IBI akan membagi tentang lesson plan atau RPP bahas inggris kelas  7  SMP, mari kita simak.

Lesson Plan Mataa Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Tetanng Reading
Lesson Plan Mataa Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Tentang Reading

Lesson Plan


School               : Junior High School

Subject             : English

Class                 : VII

Language skill : Reading

Curriculum     : 2013

T.A.                  : 

Competency Standard 5: Reading Understanding the meaning of short functional text and essay formed report, narrative and analytical exposition in the daily activity and for accessing knowledge.

Basic Competence 5.2 : Responding the meaning and rhetoric steps in essay that use variety written accurately, fluency, and base on daily activity and for accessing knowledge in the form texts: report, narrative, and analytical exposition.

Indicator :

  • Identifying the content of an analytical text.
  • Identifying the synonym of the words in an analytical text.
  • Mentioning the content of an analytical text.
  • Understanding the content of an analytical text.

Learning Objectives :

  1. Students are able to analyze text using mind mapping
  2. Students are able to know the main idea of the text
  3. Students are able to comprehend the reading text using mind mapping

Learning Materials :


Social function : know the charecteristic of something

Media : example picture of mind mapping and paper



  1. Teacher gives greeting to the students, “good day students?” and ”How are you today?” and opening prayer
  2. Teacher asks to the students some questions that related with teaching material. “do you ever know about mind mapping?”
  3. Then teacher explain what is mind mapping and uses of mind mapping



  1. Teacher ask student to listen carefully teacher’s expalanation about how to make mind mapping picture.

steps to make mind mapping:
a. The first to provide each student a blank paper
b. Create an image of the main idea in the middle of the paper
c. Use a variety of different colors for each main branch are directly    connected   to the main idea
d. Create the branches of the second level of the main branch
e. Create a third-level branches of a second branch, etc.
f. Pictures branch lines as curved lines (not a straight line)
g. Each line put one keyword
h. Use images in the form of symbols that draw in each section may

  1. Teacher give the paraghaph of the text to each student. Then teacher ask the students to make the mind mapping picture from the text.


  1. Teacher review the material

“Okey class, before we close our class today, can you mention the step of how to make mind mapping picture?”

  1. Teacher close the learning activity with prayer together “well students, i think it is enough for today, do not forget to learn more about this! Thank you some much for today lest concluding our meeting today with closing prayer ,good bye and see you next week
  2. Post-Test

After the students get the treatment, the students will do the posttest. The test will help the researcher/teacher to know the score range of students reading comprehension after they get the treatment of teaching readig using mind mapping tecghnique.

Itulah tadi lessson plan SMP kelas 7 mata pelajaran bahasa inggris, semoga bermanfaat.

-Salam IBI-