Pengertian, Jenis, Fungsi, Rumus Dan Contoh Kalimat ‘Adverbial Clause’ Lengkap Beserta Soal Latihan

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English Grammar: Pengertian, Jenis, Fungsi Dan Rumus Serta Contoh Kalimat Adverbial Clause Lengkap Dengan Contoh Soal Latihan


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Hemmz. ada yang tahu apa adverbial Clauses? mari kita simak penuturannya berikut ini.


What is an adverbial clause?

Pengertian Adverb atau Adverbial clause

Para ahli Bahasa atau Linguistict Banayak memberikan penjelasan kepada kita tentang definisi dan penggunaan Adverbial Clause. diantara definisi itu adalah seperti yang saya kutip dibawah ini. selamat mengikuti pembahasannya ya..

An adverb clause is a group of words that is used to change or qualify the meaning of an adjective, a verb, a clause, another adverb, or any other type of word or phrase with the exception of determiners and adjectives that directly modify nouns.

Adverbial clause  adalah kelompok kata yang digunakan untuk mengubah atau memenuhi syarat arti dari  adjective, a verb, a clause,  adverb yang lain dari prase atau kata jenis lain kecuali determiners dan kata sifat (adjectives) yang secara langsung mengubah kata benda.

An adverbial clause is a dependent clause that functions as an adverb; that is, the entire clause modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. As with all clauses, it contains a subject and predicate, although the subject as well as the (predicate) verb may sometimes be omitted and implied

Adverbial Clauses
Adverbial Clauses

Adverbial clause adalah sebuah klausa yang tidak bisa berdiri sendiri (dependent clause)  yang berfungsi sebagai adverb ; yaitu klausa yang memodifikasi ata sebagai modifier dari kata kerja, kata sifat atau kata keterangan lain. adverbial clause sama dengan klausa pada umumnya yang mempunyai subject dan predikat, meskipun subjek serta kata kerja (predikat) kadang-kadang dapat dihilangkan dan hanya bersifat tersirat.

 Bagaimana tentang pengertian Adverbial clause? sudah paham bukan..??


Adverb clauses of degree or comparison

Adverb clauses of degree menjelaskan kepada kita tentang derajat atau tingkatan dari sebuah tindakan( action), kualitas atau sifat. Adverb clauses of degree juga  menjawab pertanyaan dari kata tanya seperti  how much, how little or how many? ciri-ciri  Adverb clauses of degree ini biasanya ditandai dengan adanya  subordinating conjunctions seperti  as, as … as, so … as dan than.


  • She is not so intelligent as her sister. Dia tidak sepintar saudara perempuannya.

Adverb clauses of time and definite frequency

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Adverb clauses of time and definite frequency ini menjelaskan kepada kita kapan terjadinya sesuatu. adverb ini biasanya ditandai dengan adanya subordinating conjunctions seperti  when, whenever, before, after, as, since dan till.

  • We got the seeds planted before the rains came. kami menanam benih itu sebelum hujan turun. 

Adverb clauses of place

Adverb clauses of place ditandai dengan adanya conjunctions where dan wherever.

  • Where there is a will there is a way. dimana ada kemauan disana ada jalan

Adverb clauses of manner

Adverb clauses of manner menjelaskan bagaiaman sesuatu dapat terjadi atau dilakukan. ciri dari Adverb clauses of manner conjunctions like as, as if, as though dan in that.

  • You may do as you please. skamu bisa melakukan sesuai dengan apa yang kamu harapkan

Untuk lebih jelas, perhatikan tabel dibawah ini.

Type of clause Common conjunctionsFunctionExample
timeConjunctions answering the question “when?”, such as: when, before, after, since, while, as, as long as, till, until, etc.;or the paired (correlative) conjunctions: hardly…when, scarcely…when, barely…when, no sooner…thanThese clauses:Say when something happens by referring to a period or point of time, or to another event.Her goldfish died when she was young.He came after night had fallen.

We barely had gotten there when mighty Casey struck out.

conditionif, unless, lestTalk about a possible or counterfactual situation and its consequences.If they lose weight during an illness, they soon regain it afterwards.
purposein order to, so that, in order thatIndicate the purpose of an action.They had to take some of his land so that they could extend the chuchyard.
reasonbecause, since, as, givenIndicate the reason for something.I couldn’t feel anger against himbecause I liked him too much.
concessionalthough, though, whileMake two statements, one of which contrasts with the other or makes it seem surprising.I used to read a lot although I don’t get much time for books now.
placeAnswering the question “where?”: where, wherever, anywhere, everywhere, etc.Talk about the location or position of something.He said he was happy where he was.
comparisonas…as, than, asState comparison of a skill, size or amount, etc.Johan can speak English as fluently as his teacher.She is a better cook than I.
mannerAnswering the question, “how”?: as, like, the wayTalk about someone’s behavior or the way something is done.I was never allowed to do things as I wanted to do them.
resultsso…that, such…thatIndicate the result(s) of an act or event.My suitcase had become so damagedthat the lid would not stay closed.


Fungsi adverbial clause

Seperti halnya parts of speech lainnya, adverbial clause juga mempunyai fungsi penting dalam sebuah kalimat. Fungsi adverbial clause adalah sebagai berikut:

Fungsi  adverb clauses sebagai Adverb Sbb:

  • Adverbs sebagai modifier yaitu memodifikasi  verbs, adjectives,dan other adverbs.
  • Menjawab dan menjelaskan pertanyaan dari why, when, where, how, how much, dan how often an action occurs.
  • Dapat memulai sebuah kalimat yang berupa pertanyaan dan memberikan informasi yang lebih lengkap.

Rumus adverbial clause

Kalian masih ingat bahwa Adverbial Clause terdiri dari dependent clause dan independent clause. berikut rumus adverbial clause yang sangat sederhana dan mudah difahami.

Independent Clause (S + V +/- …)* + Adverbial Clause

Subordinate Conjunction + S + V +/- …

Kadang-kadang juga kita menggunakan “so as to, in order to” sebagai pengganti dari“so that, in order that”.

Sentence + so that / in order that + subject + verb + complement.
Sentence + so as to / in order to + verb + complement.


– I bring my dictionary with me in order that I can check. saya membawa kamus agar saya dapat mengecek


adverb clause of result/consequence 

Subordinating Conjunctions:that” is used to recognize adverb clause of result

Subject + verb + so + adjective/adverb + that + subject + verb + comp


– She is so hungry that she has lunch early.

Subject + verb + such + noun(s) + that + subject + verb + complement


– She acts such a rude manner that no man loves her. diaberprilaku kasar sehingga tidak ada laki-laki yang mencintainya.

Adverb Clause of Comparison

Subordinating Conjunctions: small, fast, hard, slow, late…

Subject + verb + as + adjective/adverb + as + subject + verb + comp


– Your book is as small as my book is.

Sub + verb + adj/adv-er /more-adj/adv + than + sub + verb + comp


– She runs faster than I do. dia lari lebih cepat dari ku

Contoh kalimat Adverbial Clauses

  • Whether you like it or not, you have to go to bed now. apakah bkmu suka atau tidak, kamu harus tidur sekarang
  • She likes the red car more than her husband does.dia menyukai mobil merah bitu melebihi yang dilakukan suaminya
  • If you pay your bills, you will have a good credit score. kalau kamu melunasi tagihan ini, kamu akan mendapat nilai kredit yang baik
  • Unless you run fast, you will miss the bus. kalau kamu tidak lari cepat kamu akan tertinggal bis
  • So that she would have a tan for her vacation, she went to a tanning salon.Sehingga dia akan memiliki cokelat untuk liburan, dia pergi ke tanning salon.
  • Marty kept his schedule open, in case of emergencies .Marty terus membuka jadwalnya dalam kasus darurat.
  • Because he loved her, he didn’t believe she had an affair.Karena dia mencintainya, dia tidak percaya dia punya hubungan gelap
  • Once they saw the car coming, the birds flew away from the street. Setelah mereka melihat mobil datang, burung-burung terbang dari jalan.
  • Although she has a business degree, she is working as a retail clerk. Meskipun ia memiliki gelar sarjana Bisnis, dia bekerja sebagai pegawai ritel.
  • You must keep practicing the etude until you get it right. Anda harus terus berlatih etude sampai Anda bisa melakukannya dengan benar.

Contoh Soal Adverbial Clauses

Combine the following sentences using adverb clauses at the end of the sentence.

  • We watched the robins. They raised their young in our apple tree.
  • Becky read the book. It was recommended by a friend.
  • Dad donates his suits to charity. He has worn them a year.
  • The policemen delayed the drivers. The wrecks were cleared.
  • Ann ate an apple. She studied her vocabulary

Demikian penjelasan tentang Adverbial Clauses, yang dikupas tuntas bersama IBI, mohon maaf jika ada kesalahan. kritik dan saran yang membangun sangat saya harapkan. selamat belajar. Terima Kasih.

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