Pengertian, Macam Kata Kerja Frase (Phrasal Verb) Dan Contoh Kalimat Beserta Artinya

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Pengertian, Macam-Macam Kata Kerja Frase (Phrasal Verb) Dan Contoh Kalimat Beserta Artinya

phrasal verbs

Kata kerja frase atau phrasal verb adalah kombinasi dari kata-kata berfungsi dari kata kerja. Kombinasi ini termasuk kata kerja dan juga kata keterangan (adverb) ataupun kata depan (preposisi) (atau keduanya). Kata-kata tersebut membentuk satu kesatuan semantik lengkap karena terdiri dari kata kerja frase dengan secara bersamaan menjelaskan suatu tindakan.

Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh frase kata kerja beserta contoh kalimatnya.


Phrasal Verb kata kerja frase, arti dan contoh kalimatnya

Phrasal Verb (kata kerja frase)Meaning (arti)Example Sentences (contoh kalimat)
ask aroundtanya sekitarI have not seen him here but I will ask around.

I am not sure if there are vacancies, but I will ask around the office.

blow upmeledakkanThe army is going to blow up that building with a bomb.

Our calculations were wrong and the rocket blew up just after liftoff.

break downkerusakanThe old train is certain to break down if it is not maintained properly.

He was driving recklessly and the old car broke down.

call aroundmeneleponWe called around but we could not find the spare part we needed.

I have not seen him today but I will call around and inquire.

calm downtenangIt is going to be okay, please calm down.

The crew asked us to calm down during turbulence.

catch upmengejar ketinggalanYou will have to walk faster if you want to catch up with Maya.

You have studied a lot more and I need to catch up.

check inmendaftarWhen you arrive at the airport, you have to check in at the airline desk.

At a hotel, check-in is normally required in order to obtain a room key.

check outPeriksaYou will have to return the room when you check out of the hotel.

Please ensure that you are in possession of all your belongings before checking-out of the hotel.

cheer upsemangatShe cheered up when she heard that the result was positive.

Cheer up, it is your birthday!

chip inikut menyumbangkanIf everybody chips in, we can get a bottle of the most expensive wine.

I do not have enough money for a pizza so all of you need to chip in as well.

come forwardmaju kedepanThe hospital is anxious for more donors to come forward.

Who will come forward and take the responsibility?

come from somewheredatang dari suatu tempatHe resides in Brazil although he comes from Spain.

Most of the stench comes from the open drain behind the house.

do away with somethingmembunuh dengan sesuatuIt is time to do away with all these old files.

My mother asked me to do away with all the unusable toys.

dress upberdandanThe party is at a fancy restaurant so we need to dress up appropriately.

I was asked to dress up for the mayor’s party.

drop backjatuh kembaliHe dropped back to fifth position because he fell off his motorcycle.

The coach asked the attacking players to drop back.

drop in/by/overmampir / oleh / lebihI thought I’d drop in and say hi.

I was surprised when she dropped in unannounced at midnight.

drop outkeluarHe dropped out of the chess club because it was too difficult for him.

She dropped out of college but managed to set up her own company.

eat outmakanI eat out almost five days a week.

I do not feel like cooking today so let’s eat out?

end upjadiIf you do not work, you will end up on the streets.

He studied history at college but ended up working at a bank.

fall apartberantakanThis wall will fall apart if we do not use cement.

The house of cards stood for a minute but then fell apart.

fall downjatuhIf he does not walk carefully on the ledge, he will fall down.

He was walking carelessly and thus, fell down.

fall outrontokThe veteran cricketer has fallen out of favour.

The coach and the player had a fall out and the latter decided to quit.

give inmenyerahThe dictator finally gave in to the mounting pro-democracy protests.

After arguing for over two hours, I decided to give in to her demands.

give upmenyerahThis exam is really difficult and I think I am going to give up.

Never give up, never surrender!

go aheadmajuThe General wants us to go ahead with the plan.

The centre has asked the states to go ahead with FDI in the retail sector.

go backkembaliThis place is very dangerous; I suggest you go back home.

He needs us to go back to the office and collect his belongings.”

go outkeluarLet’s go out for dinner tonight to celebrate your promotion!

I will go out in the evening to watch the play.

go overmenyeberangHere are your insurance papers, please go over them carefully so that you know all the details.

We need to go over this brochure and select a location for the meeting.

grow aparttumbuh terpisahWe used to be great friends, but after college we began to grow apart.

We were good friends but grew apart after graduating from college.

grow uptumbuhIt is always hard for parents when their children grow up.

The puppy was tiny when they found it but it grew up to be a huge dog.

grow out of somethingtumbuh dari sesuatuI will buy a new pair of trousers if and when I grow out of this pair.

I have gained weight and grown out of the pants I purchased last summer.

grow into somethingtumbuh menjadi sesuatuInitially he had some trouble at the new office, but things went smoothly after he grew into his role.

She has become taller and grown into the dress.

Hand something downTangan dibawah sesuatuWhen I was a child, I was handed down my brother’s clothes.

Please hand down your old books to underprivileged children.

hang inbertahanWhen my friend was diagnosed with cancer, all I could say to him was, “Don’t lose hope. Hang in there.”

Don’t lose heart, hang in there!

hang ontunggu sebentarHang on, let me get ready and then we can leave.

Hang on, I’m coming too!

hang outmenggantungMy friends and I generally hang out at malls.

Let’s hang out at the bar after work tonight.

hang upTutup TeleponWhen I get angry with someone on the phone, I simply hang up.

I did not wish to talk to him anymore so I decided to hang up the phone.

hold someone/something backtahan seseorang / sesuatu kembaliIf you have a complaint, don’t hold back; you cannot fix the problem if you do not voice it.

You must hold him back from committing such a dangerous stunt.

look forward to somethingberharap untuk sesuatuAre you looking forward to tonight’s football match?

I am really looking forward to the weekend!

make upmenyusunHe returned my money very late, but tried to make up for it by treating me to lunch.

He is taking her out to dinner to make up for being at work on their anniversary.

pass awaymeninggalI took two weeks off work because my grandfather passed away.

Our dog had been ill for a few months and passed away last night.

pass outpingsanIt was so hot in the examination hall that one of the students passed out for a couple of minutes.

He walking in the sun and passed out due to the heat.

Point someone/something outMenunjuk seseorang / sesuatuI tried to give the tourists directions orally, but they couldn’t understand me, so I pointed out the turning they were supposed to take.

I have asked the professor to point out all the mistakes in my assignment.

run awaymelarikan diriThe bride had run away with someone else on the wedding day.

The children made a plan to run away from home to join the circus.”

run outKeluarThey ran out of sandwiches at the cafe.

She couldn’t make tea as they had run out of milk.

show offPamerHe wants to show off his house by illuminating it.

Most people simply love to show off their wealth in front of their friends.

sleep overmenginapJack is planning a sleepover at his place on his birthday.

The first sleepover at a friend’s place can be a big deal for some children.

take offlepas landasI feel that the most thrilling part of any plane journey is when it takes off.

The plane finally took off after taxiing for twenty minutes.

wake upbangunI generally wake up at about 7 in the morning.

You need to wake up early in the morning for karate practice.

warm uppemanasanIt is a good idea to warm up before engaging in strenuous physical activity.

It is essential to warm up a little before swimming.

wear offlunturThe difference between superior and inferior products is that the latter wear out much more quickly.

The sole of this old shoe has worn out.

work outbekerjaI really hope that things work out for you.

This job will work out only if I can get my own office.


Wish It !

Dream It !

Do it !

Thanks for attention, and see you 🙂

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