Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Ibu

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Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Ibu

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Puisi adalah adalah karya sastra hasil ungkapan pemikiran dan perasaan manusia yang bahasanya terikat oleh irama, matra, rima, penyusunan lirik dan bait serta penuh dengan makna. Puisi mengutamakan bunyi, bentuk dan juga makna yang hendak disampaikan. Suatu karya puisi yang baik memiliki makna yang mendalam, makna diungkapkan dengan memadatkan segala unsur bahasa. Seperti yang sudah dijelaskan pada artikel sebelumnya Pengertian, Contoh Dan Jenis Poem (Puisi) Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya.

Pada kesempatan kali ini IBI akan membahas tentang puisi bahasa inggris untuk ibu, langsung saja kita simak contohnya berikut ini.

Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Ibu
Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Untuk Ibu

Puisi Untuk Ibu

contoh 1

Thoughts Of You

Memories of another time still come
To me and fill my mind, with thoughts
Of you when you were young. I lie awake
‘Till the morning sun comes creeping
Through my window shade, as I dwell upon
Mistakes I’ve made. What I would give to
Go back in time and feel your little
Hand in mine. To cherish each fast and
Fleeting day. To hold you close and kiss
Away, each pain that life will have in
Store and try to give you so much more.
You are part and will always be, embedded in the soul of me. While I’m
Here, I want to say, that I’ve loved you
Each and every day and when my time on
Earth is gone.
The privilege was mine to have been your Mom.


contoh 2

All You Are To Me

Thank you, Mom…
for the love, strength, and care
for in this world that is quite rare
for being my guardian and my guide
on those sad days when I criedI’m proud of you because…
you never gave up hope when the times were hard
you kept going forward through it all, yard by yard
you have never let others change who you are
you have always shown me that you’re my favorite star
you move through the unknown with strength
no matter how far the lengthI would have never been here today….
without your motherly advice
without your ultimate sacrifice
without the support I needed
I never would have succeeded
without your unbounded love
I could never stay above

I just wanted you to know….
I will always stand by your side
I will give back and be your guide
I will fight for you in the hard times
even if all I have are a few dimes
I will never lose my faith in you
my love for you is always true

I will always be there
on those days you are hurt and sad
and you feel everything is going bad
I will hold you in my arms and say
I’m glad to be with you here today
when you feel you are alone
I will be your chaperone

So thank you, Mom,
I love you so much!
never forget, the support and love I have for you will never diminish,
you are one of the strongest people I know,
so don’t let anyone else’s evil decisions or careless actions
change who you are today.
you are better than all of them and stronger in every way.

contoh 3

My Miracle

From the moment you were born
I knew what love was really about
I loved you more than anything
Beyond the shadow of a doubt
The bond I felt was unbreakable
And instantly I knew
That I would spend eternity
Thanking God for my miracle, you
Time has quickly passed us by
And now you’re quite the little lady
But in my eyes you will always be
My precious little baby
One day in the future
God will bless you with a miracle too
Then you will know the depth of love
That I will always have for you
I will be here for you always
And forever and a day
Loving you unconditionally
Every step along the way

contoh 4

The Greatest Love

From the moment
I came into this world,
you gave to me
your heart and soul.You give up all the time
you have for yourself
just to show to me
how much I mean to you.Every day and every night
you give to me all your love.
You run to me
when I call your name.

You embrace me
to heal my pain.
The warmth of your touch
will always be in my heart.

Even if the time will come
that God will take you away from me,
I will never forget
your undying love for me.

Your love molds me
to become a person with morality.
Sorry for all the times
that I just made you cry.

Sorry if I can’t return
all your love for me.
To all of my imperfections,
your love for me will never change.

Your love for me will always be true,
for your love for me is endless.
I love you, Mom, now and forever.
I’ll love you, Mom, until the end of forever.

Demikian yang dapat IBI sampaikan semoga apa yang sudah IBI sampaian dapat bermanfaat daan dijadikan bahan belajar bahasa Inggris oleh sobat IBI semua.
-Sayangilah Ibumu-